Monday, 14 April 2014

TEA MUG | design crush

The Pell Mug by Nendo, for COS (Collection Of Style)...beautiful and practical.

I'm a bit of a "neat freak" (within reasonable limits, I think...) , so I obviously fell in love with the nice details for the spoon and for the tea bag!

images via: COS

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Concrete Table | design crush

The Concrete Table is designed by Sigurd Larsen, a Danish architect based in Berlim.
I love the combination of the oak wood and concrete and the small compartments that can be used to organize so many different things...

...I just wonder how much this thing weighs?!

images via: Sigurd Larsen

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

the home of...Joanna Laajisto

Today, another entry for  'the home of...' category. 
Let's take a peak at the home of Joanna Laajisto.
Remember her? I made a post about one of her designs, the Edit Lamp, almost a year ago.
Actually, you can see that lamp hanging in her living room's wall.

Scandinavian style, white and fresh....just like Spring!
photography: Mikko Ryhänen
image source: Residence

Friday, 28 March 2014

Kids Bedroom | creativity in vintage and blue

Who said that a little girl's room must be pink?! 
This girl wanted a blue room and she got it... and it's not less feminine because of it. 

With a sweet romantic and vintage atmosphere, this room is full of great ideas to anyone looking for inspiration on how to decorate a girl's bedroom.

All the furniture is painted white, creating a neutral base that will hardly need any changing as the child grows up.

Blue tape on the white painted floor makes for a fun and imaginative area rug.

Pillows are always a great idea. They can transform a bed into a cosy and inviting sofa during playtime. And just by changing their covers you can have a completely different styled room.

The walls come as a perfect canvas to reflect one's imagination.
The wall board next to the work desk is made of a patchwork of various fabrics and patterns. And a collection of different frames, painted in different shades of blue are perfect to keep the little one's works of art and all sorts of personal mementos.
images source: BoligLiv
photography: Lene Nissen

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